Encounters #4

23+24.9 2022 16:00-19:00 Domenig Steinhaus

Encounters is a series of long-durational dance performances situated in workspaces. It departs from the idea that dance is work and sets out to expand the notion of work and to re-place contemporary dance from a theatre situation to an activity and occupation with which we can practice being with each other – performers and audience alike. 


Encounters #4 is created in direct relation to the Steinhaus. The physical and voice practice based on repetition and transformation, builds corporal and acoustic relations to Günter Domenig work and explores its known and unknown features.


Encounters #4 is devloped within the frame of


Gottfarb and his team invite audience members to take their time, to choose their perspective and create their own dramaturgy of the performance.

Konzept, Produktionsentwicklung: Alexander Gottfarb 

Choreografie, Tanz: Alex Deutinger, Alexander Gottfarb, Martyna Lorenc, Raúl Maia, Anna Maria Nowak, Patric Redl

Dramaturgie: Guy Cools 

Musik: Stephan Sperlich 

Voice Coaching: Clélia Colonna  

Kostüm: Karin Pauer 

Produktion: mollusca productions 

Verwaltung, Buchhaltung:

Encounters ist eine Produktion von Archipelago.