Alexander Gottfarb

“I’m fascinated by duration in performance and by the blur that time makes of the borders between art and life. What starts as art becomes something else.“ Tim Etchells

Alexander Gottfarb sets up shop to present Negotiations. For a whole year, thirteen dancers of different generations take turns performing at this subsidiary of TQW every day during regular business hours, i.e. from 10 am to 6 pm – dancing is labour.

Negotiations takes the form of a public social ritual that analyses the practice of collaboration, dialogue and exchange. The movements oscillate between recognisable iconic gestures and abstract patterns. Negotiations invites the audience – as well as accidental passers-by – to stay in the “Filiale” for as long as they like and to keep coming back. The duration of a year will present many opportunities to view this work under ever-changing parameters. After all, the performance on a dark Monday afternoon in winter offers a very different experience from that on a hot Sunday morning in the summer.

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Concept and choreography
Alexander Gottfarb

Esther Balfe, Stephanie Cumming, Alex Deutinger, Pawel Dudus, Soraya Emery, Alexander Gottfarb, Katharina Illnar, Nanina Kotlowsky, Martyna Lorenc, Raul Maia, Anna Maria Nowak, Patric Redl, Charlotta Ruth

Guy Cools

Peter Thalhamer

Guenther Berger, Sophie Augot, Alexander Gottfarb und Raul Maia

Guenther Berger

A co-production of Tanzquartier Wien and Kunstverein Archipelago.
With support from the Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna, and the Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria.