fall and crash into a thousand pieces

The dance  solo crash and fall into a thousand pieces is a choreographic attempt to create a stage “synaesthetic-illusory” environment. Syneasthesia is confusion. At the same time it is an ideal of transcending one’s experience of the world. With this ideal in her mind Anna Nowak looks for different ways of abandoning her “human” self. The idea is to treat the body as a landscape and travel through different states and their physical configurations. In this way Anna Nowak searches for a way to transform and redefine herself according to the way the wind is blowing… The solo is a  poetic sketch, in which the stage becomes a breathing world, where the audience and the dancer share the air…

In out in out in out in out in out in out…

Outside gets inside


I want to leap 10 meters high and laugh 250 km/H I want to breathe with the density of lead and cry myself fat and sing myself old and wise and lay a golden egg… 


I want to gallop, gallop, gallop…



Day 1. 


Air thickens

The outside travels inside

I try to push it outside again. Out out in out in out in out out in out in out in out …

I am getting drunk on the wind

Thoughts must be two centimetres long today, chest is heavy – pulls me down...


Day 1.  


Today front is back and back is front…right.

I got it right this time. For the first time.  Right is left and left is right and up is down and down is up. More or less. Like that.


Air is like water, it takes the shape and the temperature of a container. Experience is like water it takes the shape of its container. The words are like water.

They change the taste when they enter me. 


Day 1.


Its invisible, the air.

if you feel it must be real…


Does the air contain the world or does the world contain the air? 



Day 1. 


Day 1. never ends and it tastes of dust. The wind became so fat…it  brought the music with…  Proud, bright and elegant sounds. Like the steps of a Lippizan horse.  

I hear.

I hear myself see

I see myself  think.

I think I see myself think … too much. 

I see myself turn blue and smile deep down the valley and wave myself goodbye.   


Day 1.


Im standing still inside a room full of  hours. Drowned by sticky thinking minutes. I need more air that would enter me and leave me changed…again and again

Air borne

In out in out in out in out …


Day 1.


Concept/text/ performance: Anna Maria Nowak

Music/Composition: Guenther Berger and Stephan Sperlich

Light: Jan Wagner

Video: Max Biskup

Voice: Anna Mendelssohn




The performance is a  coproduction of Kunstverein Archipelago and OdeonTanz 3

Special thanks to: Mike O’Connor, Chris Haring, Anna Mendelssohn, Liz King/