Encounters #1

December 4th, 6pm - December 6th, 8pm 2020, Vienna & worldwide

During a lockdown in December 2020 this 50h durational dance performance was live streamed from the Ottakringer brewery in the 16th district of Vienna via the TQW homepage. People from all over the world tuned into the stream and let this “slow-TV” dance, accompany them throughout the weekend.

Encounters #1 is the first part in a series placing Gottfarb’s performance practice in different spaces related to work.

The Encounters series highlight and make visible the fact that dancing is also a form of highly skilled and physically demanding labour. It continue Gottfarb’s artistic (and non-artistic) questioning of the relationship between choreography, art making and the post-Fordist capitalist society. Encounters is an attempt to "work" without producing material goods or consumer services. 

Concept / Production Development: Alexander Gottfarb Choreography / Performance: Esther Balfe, Alex Deutinger, Soraya Emery, Alexander Gottfarb, Katharina Illnar, Nanina Kotlowsky, Martyna Lorenc, Raúl Maia, Anna Maria Nowak, Patric Redl, Charlotta Ruth Dramaturgy: Guy Cools Music: Sophie Augot, Guenther Berger, Alexander Gottfarb, Raúl Maia, Stephan Sperlich Composition: Guenther Berger, Stephan Sperlich Costume Design: Karin Pauer Video Direction & Camera: Ulrich A. Reiterer Additional Camera: Fabian Czernovsky and Patrick Topitschnig Production: mollusca productions Administrative support: Smart Austria Encounters is a production by Archipelago Coproduced by Tanzquartier Wien.
Supported by Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Arbeitsplatz Wien