While no one is watching

Durational performance and temporary sculpture

In their performative-installative work While no one is Watching, Alex Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb raise questions about security, vulnerability and the protection of basic rights in public space.

The performance consists of two fully geared riot policemen constructing a tower sculpture on a public square, in which they live for four days and perform daily routines of surveillance, as well as patrols within a larger defined inner city perimeter, with a variety of spontaneous interventions and direct interactions with passersby.

For four days and nights, the artists live and work as part of the “Department for artificial security” in their temporary headquarter/operation center, a sculpture halfway between a watchtower and a cage.


Concept and Performance:  Alex Deutinger and Alexander Gottfarb

A coproduction of Kunstverein Archipelago, Performanceinitiative 22 and La Strada Graz
Production & Touring: mollusca productions

With the kind support of the EU Network IN SITU, the City of Viennas Department of Cultural Affairs, Culture division of the City of Graz, Kulturland Steiermark, the Arts and Culture division of the Austrian Federal Chancellery