Here Comes The Crook

The starting point of this futuristic performance is the original score of the musical

extravaganza The Black Crook of 1866 – the first Broadway hit to be staged as a major

production. The Austrian-based international collective of performers, choreographers and

dancers uses strategies and the potential of a feel-good genre like the musical. By the

dramaturgical means of leaping forward in time to the year 2110, the group aims at opening

imaginary-physical spaces, which could maybe exist in the musical of the future. Along with

emotionally charged ballads, sampling earwigs and electronic bossa nova, they pose

questions to the aesthetics of the future: What fields are there still to be conquered? Which

»holy cow« needs to be slaughtered? What can »pre-enactment« mean on stage? How

responsible are we for the fulfillment of our own prophecies?


Concept and performance: Alex Deutinger, Michael Dolan, Alexander Gottfarb, Marta

Navaridas, Anna Maria Nowak

Music and Composition: Guenther Berger and Stephan Sperlich 

Costumes: Hanna Hollmann

Lightdesign: Peter Thalhamer

Outside Eye: Jacob Banigan

In coproduction with D.ID/Dance-Identity Burgenland with Kunstverein Archipelago Wien and

Performanceinitiative 22 Graz

With the support of Kulturamt der Stadt Graz, Abt. 9 Kultur Land Steiermark, MA 7 Kultur

Stadt Wien, bm:ukk, OHO Oberwart, Burgenland Kultur, uni-TGraz.