The Old Testament According to The Loose Collective

In The Old Testament According to the Loose Collective, the collective  puts a new spin on the Old Testament. Using contemporary performance methods – from cut-up techniques and chorus scenes to beat-boxing and diaspora post punk – they propose a physical and musical montage of elements of this enormous body of text, which today is still an expression of creativity and utopia, of human ambition and frustration.


For they have even taken of the accursed thing, and have also stolen, and dissembled also, 

and they have put it even among their own stuff (Joshua 7:11)




It was good (Genesis 1:4)

It was good (Genesis 1:10)

It was good (Genesis 1:12)

It was good (Genesis 1:18)

It was good (Genesis 1:21)

It was good (Genesis 1:25)

It was very good (Genesis 1:31)


And, behold, it was corrupt (Genesis 6:12)





CONZEPT/ PERFORMANCE: Alex Deutinger, Alexander Gottfarb, Thomas Kasebacher, Marta Navaridas, Anna Maria Nowak

MUSIK, COMPOSITION: Guenther Berger and Stephan Sperlich 

COSTUMES: Hanna Hollmann

LIGHTDESIGN: Peter Thalhamer



A Coproduction of  Tanzquartier Wien, Kunstverein Archipelago Wien and Performanceinitiative 22 Graz (PI22)
In collaborations witht D.ID / Dance Identity Burgenland, 
Culture programm of the  EU - Modul-Dance, DanceIreland Dublin, Dansenshus Stockholm, Dansescenen Copenhagen und Co-Festival, Kino Šiška Ljubljana
With kind support of  MA 7 – Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, Stadt Graz Kultur, Kultur Land Steiermark und bmu:kk (bka)