Your Season - In search of a common season

5.10 - 18.11.2023 Thu - Sat 2-7 pm Vogelweidplatz 13, 1150, Vienna

In the third season at Der Betrieb we will, together with our audiences, gather around the notion of the  “commons”  -  a shared sphere that is not the public and it is not  the private sphere and apparently is not so common at all. During Your Season - In Search of a Common Season, Der Betrieb will be turned into an open, participative space, where everyone is welcome to actively join the performances and engage with do-it-yourself stations, where participants can become complicit in our dance and art.

We will open up our art making strategies and share the knowledge and methods found during the previous seasons at Der Betrieb. We invite the audience to search for a temporary common ground and shared denominators; movements, language and our city.

In the course of Your Season we invite the participants to explore how we think with our bodies, through dance and choreography. We invite people interested in the relation between language and movement. We embed our quest to find a “common” season in the double meaning of the word; common as in the “usual, familiar and unpretentious” and common as in “shared or everyone’s”. We will write about and discuss notions like power, multitude, city, future, responsibility, hope etc. with words and with our bodies, perceiving conversation as the perfect site at which “commons" takes place. 

Midway through the season we shift our focus and plunge into the universe of repeating and transforming dance, we will build a common language of gestures and movements, a setting where every joining body becomes a choreographer, a dancer, a contributor.  Questions around need and ability here take another twist when we actively include our audiences and start a conversation around participation and reciprocity.


Please feel free to enter and join in!  You may stay as long as you want and always come back. All our activities are free of charge.


Der Betrieb on the road 


In the frame of Your Season we are facilitating art workshops for the inhabitants and participants of the neighbouring institutions in the 15th district. Every Wednesday In October and November the artists of Der Betrieb visit Pflege Rudolfsheim - Fünfhaus, Seniorenheim Haus Schmelz and Hobby Lobby Bildungsprojekt and invite people of all ages and abilities to join the dance. 

Artistic Direction: Anna Maria Nowak, Alexander Gottfarb

Artistic Direction Assistance: Karin Pauer

Choreography and Performance: Alexander Gottfarb, Anna Maria Nowak, Anna Mendelssohn, Arttu Palmio, Clarissa Beisteiner,  Esther Balfe, Hannah Kordasch, Karin Pauer, Lena Schattenberg, Merten Böhmer, Michael Voit, Nanina Kotlowsky, Sara Celik, Sina Zack, Stéphanie Evrard, Valeria Chavez Chong, Zoe Wagner

Music: Zosia Hołubowska, Stephan Sperlich 

Costumes: Karin Pauer

Graphic Design: Katarina Schildgen and Paul Gasser 

Video and Prototyping: Jakob Hütter (Hand mit Auge)

Production, Management and Outreach: mollusca productions Sophie Schmeiser and Nefeli Antoniadi

Technical Support: Roman Harrer, Thomas Jelinek 

Outside Eye: Aldo Giannotti


Produced by Archipelago and co-produced by WUK Performing Arts,

With kind support of the City of Vienna (MA7) and the bmkös - Federal Ministry Republic of Austria - Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport Department and Arbeitsplatz Wien