Moved by Faith

The question of how ideas – whether political, social or ideological – are realised physically is one of Alexander Gottfarb’s main artistic interests. In his new work, he and his dancers concentrate on the physicality and the individual and collective movement material that is practiced in different religious contexts: what is the relationship between belief and its physical expression? What rituals, symbols and physical sequences are linked to religious sequences and gestures?

In the research process the artists’ group visited various religious institutions and dealt with body practices such as yoga or shamanistic exercises that developed in close connection with various beliefs. Their precise choreographic investigation of the differences and commonalities of religious embodiments develops out of the theme of the role of the body in the respective practices.




CHOREOGRAPHY AND DANCE: Sophie Augot, Alexander Deutinger, Agnieszka Dmochowska, Radek Hewelt, Nanina Kotlowksi

MUSIC/COMPOSITION: Guenther Berger, Stephan Sperlich - 78plus

COSTUMES: Hanna Hollmann

LIGHT-DESIGN: Peter Thalhamer


PRODUCTION: Kunstverein Archipelago Production

COPRODUCTION: Tanzquartier Wien

SUPPORTED BY: Wien Kultur Ma7,bm:ukk, D.ID/dance identity and MDT